Secluded Bronte

Duo version of Secluded Bronte featuring Adam Bohman (Bohman Brothers, Morphogenesis) and composer and broadcaster Richard Thomas, both long-term players from the outer-fringes of London’s experimental music scene. They mix absurdist theatre, music concrete and sound poetry but stray far from any notions of avant-garde purism. Live performances involve prepared texts, transformed by their delivery and fantastically dislocated from their source materials (takeaway menus, catalogues, trashy novels and the like), punctuated or often accompanied by amplified and acoustic sounds wrought from a tableful of flea-market detritus, unidentifiable bits and bobs and abused kitchen implements.
Last year they worked with the artist Andy Holden on the film Brontë Country and presented their play about cinema, Against Cinema, at the Sonar Festival and at London’s Apiary Studios with special guest, and long term sparring partner, the film director Peter Strickland.